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31, Butch


United States, Wisconsin, Middleton

I'm here to

I'm here to meet Femme for long-term relationship

Femmes make my heart sing!

About butchmasculinity


I go by the name Jack even tho it isn't my illegal name I just like to use it as butch nickname. I'm a nerdy, dorky, trans butch who loves femmes of all kinds. I'm a stone butch so I do prefer stone femmes, but I do love all femmes. I recently realized that I'm happy with my body as is and don't actually want GRS. I love video games and analyzing TV shows and movies. I think of myself as a very masculine woman and have very recently started to really embrace it. I'm a huge fan of the WNBA and women's sports in general. I used to live in Seattle and fell in love with the city and one day I hope to move back there because I really miss it. I love cats a lot, but I'm also a fan of corgis which are basically cat sized dogs. I'm very loyal to those I let in my life and have a small chosen family of people I love most.

Please feel free to talk to me even if you just want to be friends.

Additional Details

Appearance: Masculine

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Religion: Other

Marital Status: Single

Has Children: No

Wants Children: Maybe in the future

Height: 169 cm (5' 7")

Weight: 91 kg (201 lbs)

Body Type: Large

Education: Some College

Smoking: No

Profession: Receptionist

Drinking: Sometimes

Income: Lower middle

Character: Reserved

The person I would like to meet

My ideal mate would be a stone femme who is a pillow princess. Someone who understands that my body and I don't always get along in is sort of like a minefield. Someone who is funny and can carry a conversation. Someone who doesn't look at my body and see a man, but sees a woman. Someone I can be tender with and let my guard down a bit even tho I'm very stone which rarely goes away. Someone who enjoys cheesy lines because I'm full of them as well as bad puns. Someone who doesn't mind an incredibly goof butch who likes to be silly and make bad jokes.