Just a girl looking for her Daddy.


37, Femme


United States, Iowa, Davenport

I'm here to

I'm here to meet Butch for dating

About MarshMallowGirl

What I can give YOU!

I am adorable, even if I look just a bit like Bridget from Trolls. (I even have the hair sometimes!) I will keep you laughing even as I'm choking on your fingers. I am crafty, so you will get tons of random shit mailed to you, I'm not expensive, as I pay my own way for dates (If and when things go offline) and I much prefer a picnic in the park so I can tease you in sundresses then a fancy restaurant. (tho if you buy mea happy meal and a stuffed animal I'll love you forever) I can cook,clean, tend children, slice, dice, puree..

Please be either female or AFAB nonbinary. I am incredibly attracted to more masculine women, but I love all types!

I am a chubby/fat, mostly gay anxiety ridden slightly agoraphobic white trash princess with the sense of humor of a twelve year old boy an an addiction to diet. mt dew. I love glitter, googly eyes, and all things neon, pastel and cute. Fuzzy animals, cute plushies, piles of pillows and throw blankets make me happy, the smell of leather, fingers being slid in my mouth and a hand pinning me by the throat makes me squirm.

I can be sort of bratty, especially when I feel like I need my dominant to take me in hand and show me who's in control. But I'm also a people pleaser, so in order to show my bratty side, I'd really have to be comfortable with you.

Though I do have submissive tendencies, I identify more of a middle/little mixed with a 1950s housewife. I am incredibly interested in "head of household" and "taken in hand" dynamics, which is probably why Aunt Lydia from the Handmaids Tale makes my glitter garden tingle.

I am also not at all a bottom or pillow princess, While I don't want to be the one wearing the strap all the time, I also mostly get off on pleasing my partner sexually, Please smother me between your legs, and I promise I look super cute with tears streaming down my face as I'm choking on your strap on.

I don't drive, so if a quick meet up is something you're wanting that'll be sort of impossible if you don't live fairly close or are willing to travel to Iowa, and I just can't see some one coming far for coffee and a chat. But I don't mind online, That being said, it will take more then a few messages before we can "claim each other" as anything more then friends. and I'm not all that into monogamy,especially if the relationship is just online.

I am not a switch. I am not interested in switches. Please be a Dominant. It seems when I date switches, I turn into a service top, and I want to be Daddies little girl, not Daddies top.

PLEASE NOTE No, I don't think all butch woman are tops, doms or daddys. That is just what I'M attracted to.

Additional details

Appearance: Sweet
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: Non-religious
Marital Status: Single
Has Children: No
Wants Children: Maybe in the future
Height: 162 cm (5' 4")
Weight: 99 kg (218 lbs)
Body Type: Large
Education: Some College
Smoking: No
Profession: Nanny
Drinking: Sometimes
Character: Sensitive

The person I would like to meet

I would LOVE to find a maternally/paternally dominant butch woman, Preferably with a bit of a a sadistic streak. Some one who doesn't mind a smart ass and doesn't get annoyed if I get just a bit clingy around people I don't know or out in public.