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FE, 19, United Kingdom, England, Wisbech
Message me find out
FE, 35, United Kingdom, England, Essex
Hey my name's Steph, I'm 35 years young! I love animals and I really enjoy yoga when I get round to actually doing it, I can get my legs round my neck... when nobody's watching... ok I can't do it. Hmmm I'm really into anything spiritual, me and my sister ran through a Woods once because we heard ...
BU, 31, United Kingdom, England, Manchester
Hey there :) I'm a protector in a multiple (DID) system who spends the majority of my time looking after other people and having to repress my own emotions. I'm looking for a girl who's well versed in trauma, consent, and emotional labour who will let me take care of her the majority of the time but who will also ...
BU, 53, United Kingdom, England, Margate
Looking for friendship and fun I have a number for hobbies I love art, walking, meals and pop to pub occasionaly
BU, 47, United Kingdom, England, Nottinghamshire
Fill later
FE, 43, United Kingdom, England, Blackpool
Am. Loyal. And. Tustworly. And am. Gentle. And. Careing. I. Have. A heart. Of. Gold
FE, 29, United Kingdom, England, Chesterfield
im 29 single lesbian looking for a decent honest girl❤️
BU, 38, United Kingdom, England, Middlesbrough
I am a loving person if you know what I mean
BU, 35, United Kingdom, England, Manchester
FE, 25, United Kingdom, England, London
Hey. Though I would give this place ago as it can be hard enough meeting other lesbians on a night out or in normal day to day life. I would class myself as a femme lesbian but I have always had a big thing for butch / stud women, you could say its my type! so hopefully this place will ...